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Exotic models with high levels in regards of finish and sound. The pursuit of clear clean sound has led MG Bass to use top quality wood, pickups, preamps, parts and accessories resulting into a unique, breathtaking and versatile instrument that fits each client’s style.
The excellence and creativity of MG Bass has gone further than its hometown in Natal-Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil, and today, our Basses are sold not only in Brazil but also overseas, knowing that the main company is located in Brazil and has recently opened a new branch in New Hampshire, Manchester, USA.
MG Bass provides 100% handmade models which grant musicians a significant improvement in their sound and performance. In order to assure tone and design, the company uses selected Brazilian and American wood  to manufacture the basses, knowing that MG Bass uses only certified wood that is proper to compose its products due to that fact that it is important for us to preserve the environment and keep the balance. Another important particularity of our company is the personalized service to our client from the first contact going through negotiation and even for post-sale support.
Nowadays, we have eight models of bass guitars made with marquetry, a technique that contrasts different types of wood to ornament flat surfaces. Each model is adapted to the buyer’s personality in a way that the musician feels the comfort and tone they want. We are a legit company that consists of highly qualified professionals who put their knowledge into practice, knowing that the main goal of MG Bass the clients’ satisfaction and that is why we work every day to make the bassists dreams come true.
Master Luthier Mr. Mauricio Costa
Mauricio Costa is the mastermind behind those amazing basses. He is the master luthier that makes every Bassist’s dream come true by utilizing his long time experience to satisfy and match the needs of every client. Mauricio Costa is keen and careful to keep this long time and significant tradition alive by combining his visions and talent together to create the perfect bass that MG Bass Models reflect.
Mauricio Costa believes that the perfect bass is a combination of inspiration, talent, skills and the proper wood and electronics material that makes a bass last longtime and keep doing its duty perfectly.
Mauricio Costa is the man in charge of MG Bass Company is currently residing in New Hampshire, Manchester, USA, taking his significant industry to the next level by working with American and international well-known bassists so as to reveal the beauty of his basses in regards of wood, sound, craftsmanship and multi usage.
Mauricio Costa is the Luthier or Bassists who look for extraordinary basses that live a lifetime to survive each performance, studio recordings and each test his basses are put through. He crafts 4, 5, and 6 strings basses as well as extended range basses from 7 strings up to 9 strings, as well as fretless models with the desired amount of strings.
MG Bass Mission;
Our first and most important mission is to build basses that match the personality and character of each client, as MG Bass looks to provide the best wood quality, pickups and preamps that each Bassist looks for. We are committed to keep the tradition, through building unique basses that are inspirational, comfortable, and provide the sound quality that Bassists thrive for.
MG Bass Vision;
Our vision lies perfectly clear in our models, which is to be one of the remarkable and innovative companies that can compete side by side with worldwide companies through building basses that are inspiring, long-lasting, and multi usage, and to widen and expand our affiliation with Bassists and Bass Shops around the world.
MG Bass Future;
MG Bass keeps the door always open for serious endorsements, affiliation, and partnership as the future of MG Bass lies within the hands of those who appreciate and look for the true Bass workmanship. MG Bass is deeply proud to be one of the leading Bass companies that is considered industrious, inspirational, and values international affiliations.
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