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We create the best payment plan for you!  You can buy your new MGbass and pay in monthly installments!
Everyone can own the instrument of their dreams with our easy payment plan!  You will get your desired instrument with ease and it will never deplete your financial situation.
See how easy it is:
1 – Choose your MGbass and number of strings you want.  Apply for the Payment Plan and submit your Order information in our form.
2 – The price of your instrument is the same as our list.  INTEREST-FREE!  The FINAL PRICE of your instrument (including Shipping/tax) will be divided into 6 monthly payments.  An email containing all technical specifications and final price will be emailed to you for your approval!  After you approve your order, we will send you the PayPal Invoice for the first payment.
3 – Your instrument will be built at the same time your payments are being made.  You will receive your instrument 30 days after your last payment.
Extra fees, shipping fees and taxes will be included in the FINAL price of your Order.
To receive your instrument, you must complete all payments related to your purchase.  If you do not receive a PayPal invoice for payment in the following months, you must contact us and request it via email:, which we will send immediately via email. You can also pay using the link (PAYPAL.ME/MGBASS) – You must report all payment. Please use
If you do not pay within two months, your order will be canceled without refund.  All deposits and any progress payments made are non-refundable and will be forfeited at the time of any order cancellation. Promotional offers and any type of coupon code are not accepted in the payment plan.
This is our MGbass payment plan.  Everyone can get an amazing MGbass instrument in their hands easily.

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