Chazz Harbison (LaGrange, KY – USA) started playing bass guitar in the late 1970s. Chazz has played and performed most styles and genres. He played professionally for 20 years with the Marine Corps band performing worldwide and shared the stage with many notable musicians. Jazz, Afro-Cuban, pop, and classical have provided him with musical chops to perform with any band.  Lately, Chazz returned to his punk and metal roots with the band Untold Rellik. The band is currently recording a follow-up to the 2021 album Pandemonic. The new album will feature his MG Bass Extreman custom. “I have a collection of very nice instruments, but nothing beats the feel and looks of my MG Bass. It’s like pulling up in a Ferrari at a Prius convention.” Check out Untold Rellik and Chazz’ Extreman Custom on WeTV’s Love After Lockup – Season 4.