“My New MG Dessert Custom 5 string bass just arrived, and it is a spectacular instrument, The hand crafting by Mauricio Costa is flawless, and our combined design concepts came together delightfully. The instrument fell under my fingers and into my hands perfectly. I was instantly at home with Nordstrand – Big Blade pickups and two band preamp. This is a collaboration instrument I’m very proud to have helped facilitate, and I look forward to helping grow the MG Brand. A Desert Custom 5 exactly like mine can be had for only¬†$2500.00, which is astonishing considering the level of quality here. Others charge twice that for something very similar in terms of boutique 100{29e3a0befc6fc68f2a09cd51ffc8e0defd5d1a6a51bc7f0e6e56b312f43d4ebd} hand crafting and premium wood”

Desert custom 5 strings by Andy Irvine / pickup and preamp Nordstrand
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