Fernando Gualberto is a professional electric and double-bass player from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Born in 1968, Fernando initiated his studies in the age 12 and never stoped to develop his knowledge working with great brazilian bass masters Ge Cortes, AC Mathias, Luiz Chaves, in many schools in Brazil and in the US, as a student or as a teacher. From the start, although always keeping it his main instrument, his focus spaned from the bass to trumpet and flugelhorn, piano, ethnic wind and mallet instruments and, specialy, to percussion.
Along the years, he has played and recorded with brazilian MPB and jazz musicians, from Johnny Alf to Fernanda Porto, from saxophonist Rodrigo Ursaia to guitar player Carlos “Pollaco” Oliva, among many others. He also participated and co-produced musical theater productions alongside pianist Christiane Neves as Kiss Me Kate (Cole Porter), Evita (Andrew Lloyd Webber), West Side Story (Leonard Bernstein), and has written original scores to plays as Marat-Sade (Peter Weiss) and Calisto & Melibea (Ferdinando de Rojas), among others.
Ultimately, he directed his interest towards his academic research, as a PhD candidate in the field of Music and Communication, in cross-cultural hand percussion patterns, from a time and geographical perspective. He has been working extensively on playing an recording experimental music as samples for his research. His work has found great attentiveness and curiosity in the field.
Fernando plays a MG Fretless 5 string and a Extreman Headless 9 string bass.