It´s an honor and a joy for me to be an endorsed artist at MGBass and to be part of this great family.
As solo artist and after having played with several brands before, it was time for me to jump to the next level.
I felt that it was the moment to fulfill my aspiration to play my own custom bass to express my music with my own voice.
Then I contacted several builders but somehow I felt that my project didn´t quite work as I wanted.
Then one day talking to my friend Usama Allati who was already playing with MGBass, I told him what was happening and then he introduced me to master builder Mauricio Costa and I immediately felt at home and the connection was immediate, making the process natural.
A few months later I already enjoy my own custom model, the new Extreman custom bass, a truly 8 string extended range bass and believe me, it´s a unique experience.
MG offers the best woods, the best electronics and designs..and a very attractive and friendly sales policy, what else can you ask for?
Antonio Arrea
Solo bass player