Just over a year ago I first saw the JB1 Rustic bass on the MG Bass Facebook page, I contacted Mauricio but at that moment the bass was in pieces as he was still working on it. Because there was no complete instrument to look at as this was JB1 Rustic number 1, I decided not the buy it. For months and months, I kept looking at the MG Bass Facebook page hoping that it would show again, but it never did. Until a couple of weeks ago there it was all finished in all its glory. Again I contacted Mauricio and luckily we could work things out and now I am the proud owner of this first JB1 Rustic bass with a walnut body and Zebrano scratchplate. Although I do not believe in faith I must say that it looks like it was always meant to be mine. Not only do I still love the looks of the bass very much but it also sounds and feels great. The setup on it is exactly how I would like it to be. The bass is lightweight and it just hugs my body. The Bartoline pick-ups and Pre-amp produce a huge variety of sound, this bass sure packs a punch. I could not be happier with the bass. Although I have never met Mauricio he comes across as the nicest guy always very polite and willing to be of service. It is very clear that he loves what he does and that he is proud of the instruments that he makes. Therefore I am proud and honored that I am in the position to play this awesome JB1 Rustic. If you ever have the opportunity to try out an MG Bass then just go ahead you will be amazed.