Thomas Campbell (Newport, Rhode Island) has been playing bass guitar since 2006 with a focus on playing death metal and fretless bass. Drawing influence from extended range bassists and rule breakers, Thomas aims to create his own unique style with his own voice on the instrument. He pushes himself with every new song and tests his capabilities to push the boundaries of a bassist’s role in extreme metal music. While Thomas has many influences, he aims to be the first “Thomas Campbell” in the death metal music scene.

Thomas’ main projects are currently the Progressive Death/Doom band Lunar Chamber (signed to the record label 20 Buck Spin), and the Technical Death Metal band Progeny. Thomas also plays live for the Progressive Death Metal band Voidceremony (also signed to the record label 20 Buck Spin). Thomas’ playing can be heard on Lunar Chamber’s record “Shambhallic Vibrations”, and on Alcyone’s record “The Cult of Kukulkan”. More records are currently in the works that feature Thomas’ bass playing, and live tours are being planned. Thomas also spends his free time making videos showcasing his playing through original playthrough videos and covers which can be seen on his personal youtube channel.

Thomas has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics with a focus in statistics, but he is currently pursuing a career in plumbing. His aim is to get his master plumber’s license and open his own business. Although he enjoys the stability and physical labor of the trade, his ultimate dream is to make a career playing music.

Thomas plays a custom 7 String Fretless Headless New Extreman MGBass.