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I saw MG bass a

I saw MG bass a year ago on Instagram and instantly new I had to have one! I reached out to Mauricio to have him build me a custom one to fulfill a dream of mine ! It was such a great experience ! I had built sight unseen , but it was such a great experience ! He delivered my masterpiece and it was a great experience . It is so gorgeous and plays so amazingly ! I recommend this as such a great bass but also as a true work of art ! Thank you Mauricio and MG Bass !


Received my bass in November

Received my bass in November 2019. Best music related purchase I’ve made in 30+ years. Plays great and sounds incredible. Mauricio is an artist.

Stacy Bugg

What more can I say

What more can I say about Mauricio that hasn’t already been said by the many musicians on this page. What a wonderful man and a true artist in every way and second to none.

I like many others on this page feel so privileged to have had my beautiful instrument built by Mauricio and despite owning and having owned some of the most recognised brands of bass guitars, none compare to this one.

I also feel honoured to be in the company of some amazing featured musicians such as Antonio Arrea, Fernando Petry, Usama Allati, and Andy Irvine and others in being a proud owner of an MGBass.

Mauricio built me a left handed fretless 9 string bass, and it is stunningly beautiful. We worked together on it and when finished, Mauricio ensured that it made it’s way to me in New Zealand safely, and what a wonderful day it was when I received it.

Thank you Mauricio so much for the care and love you put into creating my bass, I will treasure it forever, and your friendship will always mean everything to me.

Johnny Johnson

In a punk-jazz departure, I

In a punk-jazz departure, I got a Desert 5-string that is considerably simpler than most, but perfect for me. This bass is just great on every level; Sound, looks, playability, weight, feel, craftsmanship, finish.

Plus Mauricio, head luthier and designer, is a real peach, aces, the bees knees. Just like his basses.

Dan Handler
Kevlar Teddy, Hansel & Regrettle

For two years I’ve been

For two years I’ve been looking for a bass guitar design to catch my eye. I have to WANT to pick up a bass in order to try it. As an ex designer and furniture maker, design and build quality matters to me, and despite the reputation of some well-known brands, their basses just look too ordinary to me.

Then I saw the MG Bass’s new Spalted Extreman bass on Facebook – and it stopped me in my tracks! Wow -I’d never seen anything like that before! Their website showed many more fine examples of basses designed with flair, creativity and built with the finest quality. They’re different and unusual in some cases. Plus, there is so much choice too.

I’d found the company to build my bass.

Mauricio and I discussed, via email, the options for a custom-built bass and before long the order was placed. Payment was simple and straight forward. Mauricio provided regular photo updates of the build in progress, which I’ve saved as it’s great to have a record of how 3 planks of wood turned into a ‘work of art’.

I think the basses are extremely well priced and even as a UK resident having the additional 20% Customs and 2% Import Tax charges on top, it’s still good value for money in my opinion.

I never tried an MG bass before I ordered this, which caused a few raised eyebrows from some friends, but I just knew from what I saw and conversing with Mauricio that it would play and sound brilliantly.

And it does!

Thank You Mauricio


It is an honor and

It is an honor and such a privilege to be an endorser for MGbassguitars. Mauricio Costa is an exceptional, generous, talented and kind-hearted individual. He was willing to give me a chance as an endorser and built me one of the most beautiful, boutique, best sounding basses I own. The bass is well-crafted and you can tell by the feel and sound that Mauricio pays attention to detail. What I love most about the bass is that it produces a modern sound, but you can shape the tone to fit any style of music. I also love that Mauricio makes the neck MUCH more comfortable to play and reach around the 24th fret mark. No other bass that I’ve played has that comfortable reach that high on the neck. I

I’m excited to promote this instrument and own more! Thank you for giving this up-and-coming bassist from Buffalo, NY his first endorsement deal and building a one of a kind AMAZING bass with everything I am looking for in a bass!

Alexander Braun
Buffalo, NY

Alexander Braun
Dream Spectrum, Hintz of Thunder, IronLace, Autumnwood, and TheWell

It´s an honor and a

It´s an honor and a joy for me to be an endorsed artist at MGBass and to be part of this great family.
As solo artist and after having played with several brands before, it was time for me to jump to the next level.
I felt that it was the moment to fulfill my aspiration to play my own custom bass to express my music with my own voice.
Then I contacted several builders but somehow I felt that my project didn´t quite work as I wanted.
Then one day talking to my friend Usama Allati who was already playing with MGBass, I told him what was happening and then he introduced me to master builder Mauricio Costa and I immediately felt at home and the connection was immediate, making the process natural.
A few months later I already enjoy my own custom model, the new Extreman custom bass, a truly 8 string extended range bass and believe me, it´s a unique experience.
MG offers the best woods, the best electronics and designs..and a very attractive and friendly sales policy, what else can you ask for?
Antonio Arrea
Solo bass player

Antonio Arrea

I’m stunned at the craftsmanship

I’m stunned at the craftsmanship Mauricio puts into these basses. A true master luthier, Mauricio kept in touch with me during the entire process. The bass turned out beautifully. It’s such an accomplishment. Thank you, Mauricio, for your dedication to quality and your relentless pursuit of perfection in all your basses!

Stephen C. Chesney
The Ride

I have played a few

I have played a few high end basses other than the high end basses I own. The six string bass made for me by MG Bass is one of the best hands down. The playability, sound , quality , and the beauty of his basses is right there with the best of them but for hundreds of dollars less for a handmade bass. If you want a quality , handmade bass to your personal liking check out MG Bass .
Mauricio will definitely not let you down and he’s a really good guy to work with !!!

Preston Williams

Mauricio Costa Makes Some Of

Mauricio Costa Makes Some Of The Greatest Basses Anywhere. This Is My 3rd. Custom MG Bass.This New Desert Custom 5 String Is Amazing. I’m Playing DR Blues Strings, And I Tune Down A-D-G-C-F-Bb. With The Bartolini Pickups & Electronics, And Specific Wood Choices, I Can Get A Very Traditional Sound, Or Any Modern Sound. This Is A Great Instrument. You Should Give MGBASS A Try, You’ll Love It!

Sylvester Parsons
Jeff Floyd, David Brinston, Carla Williams, Musical Fantasy, The Music Company LLC, BAMA Records, Goodwill Church Ministries International

I’m became an MGBass endorser

I’m became an MGBass endorser after stalking the company for several years, and i must say I cannot be happier. I needed an instrument that both had a unique sonic identity, while also being versatile as I play a wide variety of music. And oh boy, did Mauricio deliver. The bass not only oozes STYLE, but it has a huge sonic presence, plays effortlessly, and arrived in tune. The build quality of MGbass is incredible, the instrument is solidly built and you can see the attention to detail Mauricio has. He builds each instrument with a lot of love and care. Mauricio provides a wealth of knowledge and advice during the building process. He knows his woods and which pickups are ideal for your specific needs. The instruments made by Mauricio and MGBass are world class. I didn’t just purchase an instrument, I got the voice I’ve been searching for.

Jonathan Toscano

I have been an MGBass

I have been an MGBass Endorser since for the past 3 years and been completely happy with the family of MGbass ! .. MGbass family is growing day by day and i am truly happy to be a family member that contributes to its success by bringing more and more bassists to join the family.

After receiving my MGBass Oasis Custom Handmade 9 strings bass.. i order a Desert Custom Handmade 7 strings bass that was exclusively made to my specs and i freaking love the bass.. the bass blows everybody’s mind once they hear its sound and see how beautiful it looks ! i thank my dear brother Mauricio for being so kind to make me that bass and have me in the family of MGbass.

i will keep doing my best to bring more bassists to the family as the world’s bassists deserve a high quality long lasting basses !! AND MGBASS IS THE RIGHT PLACE FOR THESE BASSES

Usama Allati
Music Exceeds Borders
Beit Sahour / Palestine

Usama Allati

I’ve been with MGBASS for

I’ve been with MGBASS for about 4 years now. Ive always wanted a bass to call my own, something to not only look like me but sounds like me and I’ve found that now here beside at MGBASS guitars. From design to first gig, MGBASS has a place in my heart.

Floyd Foster


I always wanted to have a custom bass made for me completely to my own specifications, from wood selections, design to pickups, hardware etc.

My good friend Usama Allati introduced me to MG Bass guitars and the builder behind the curtain Mauricio Costa as Usama himself owns a seven string Desert custom bass.

As sceptic as I could be I had to put a lot of thoughts to it and many convincing. I finally came to my senses and was completely blown away.

Working very closely with Mauricio with every fine details on how exactly to build my instrument was at ease and very helpful with his recommendation.

Thank you Mauricio and all the MG team, I’m honored and proud owner, endorser of my Desert Custom 5 string bass.

Nabil Durzi

Olá, sou Gean Carlos, baixista

Olá, sou Gean Carlos, baixista há mais de 25 anos tocando nas noites de Brasília, acompanho vários cantores e cantoras, faço parte de uma banda de rock chamada Macarius Fusion, uma outra banda instrumental chamada Thrama 3. Quero dizer que adquiri um modelo da MG Bass recentemente e estou adorando o baixo, fantástico. Já tive Fender, Yamaha TRB entre outros, porém, esse MG Bass me chamou a atenção, comprei usado de um rapaz que está de mudança para a França e acabou vendendo baratinho e eu aproveitei a oportunidade. Foi paixão à primeira vista, encontrei o baixo dos meus sonhos. Parabéns ao Maurício Costa e a toda equipe da MG Bass, onde chego com esse bass chama a atenção pelo design, acabamento e pelo som. Fantástico, comecei bem o ano! Gratidão!

Gean Carlos

Gean Carlos

Maarten van Schaik

Just over a year ago I first saw the JB1 Rustic bass on the MG Bass Facebook page, I contacted Mauricio but at that moment the bass was in pieces as he was still working on it. Because there was no complete instrument to look at as this was JB1 Rustic number 1, I decided not the buy it. For months and months, I kept looking at the MG Bass Facebook page hoping that it would show again, but it never did. Until a couple of weeks ago there it was all finished in all its glory. Again I contacted Mauricio and luckily we could work things out and now I am the proud owner of this first JB1 Rustic bass with a walnut body and Zebrano scratchplate. Although I do not believe in faith I must say that it looks like it was always meant to be mine. Not only do I still love the looks of the bass very much but it also sounds and feels great. The setup on it is exactly how I would like it to be. The bass is lightweight and it just hugs my body. The Bartoline pick-ups and Pre-amp produce a huge variety of sound, this bass sure packs a punch. I could not be happier with the bass. Although I have never met Mauricio he comes across as the nicest guy always very polite and willing to be of service. It is very clear that he loves what he does and that he is proud of the instruments that he makes. Therefore I am proud and honored that I am in the position to play this awesome JB1 Rustic. If you ever have the opportunity to try out an MG Bass then just go ahead you will be amazed.

Maarten van Schaik

Ken Harris

Andrew Payne

Eric Schod

I am completely head over heels in love with my Custom MGBass Desert 5!! This is the bass dreams are made of!! Everything from the look, to the feel, to the tone is second to none!! I can acheive any tone I am looking for simply by making minor adjustments to the preamp, no pedals needed!! Not to mention, the entire process was extremely easy!! Mauricio is an incredible guy and truly an artist!! I give MGBass ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Eric Schod

Ken Harris

MG Basses are some of the best sounding basses I’ve ever played. Made to my specifications with love and care these basses groove like no other!
I own a Desert Jazzman
And a JB1 5 string Jazz bass

Ken Harris
The Jazz Crew

Vincent Cadorel

This Bass sound AMAZING ! Everything is very well defined, there are beautiful harmonics and dynamics is terrible !
Construction is beautiful too, it’s a work of goldsmith. Woods are georgous…
Thank you again for this magnificent production Mauricio, and thanks you for you availability too.

Vincent Cadorel

Tom Garvey

I received my bass a few days ago, i bought it off of Reverb from Guitar Ranger. It is a desert model with nat-purpleheart. I have had many custom basses in my life and none have come close to this bass. Not only is it light as a feather and gorgeous but it sounds incredible. My bass tech set it up for me because the person who had it before me had the action pretty high, my tech could not believe how low he was able to get the action and still be clear and articulate. He said it set up better then my custom master built warwicks’ which cost me three times what this amazing instrument cost. I am saving up for a 5 string desert and maybe a desert jazz. Thank you, I will be a customer for life.

Tom Garvey

Ron Canovan

I just got the bass words can’t describe how beautiful it is and how wonderful I feel. Thank you so much Mauricio you are true craftsmen and artist. I have played many basses yours surpasses them all in craftsmanship and play ability. I can felt the love that you put in to making my instrument as soon as I touch it! Thank you so very much. I will be a M G Bass customer and Fan from this day forward.

Ron Canovan

Derek Gielarowski

When I first saw pictures of MGBass instruments, it was already my dream instrument. My luthier, Maurício, was very helpful and informative of the status of my Desert Jazzman 5-string bass. He delivered on a spectacular instrument and will be one that I keep forever.

Derek Gielarowski

Chris Root

My MG BASS is a work of art!
Mauricio will not rest until the customer is 100% happy!
The ability to choose all materials, hardware and model truly makes MG Bass Guitars a custom experience.


Remoundos Chris

Hello guys from Greece,
A big thank to Mauricio an MG basses for this great instrument that they’ve made. Excellent tone, very comfortable and light, a fret board made in the dimensions I’m used to play, active/passive switch, high quality wood. Overall very careful work from a guy like Mauricio that you can very easily cooperate from the other side of the world!!!
Thank you friend, keep delivering your excellent work to the world and already I’m thinking which would be my next MG bass :).
All the best!!!

Remoundos Chris

Jim Lewis

Having played electric bass Since 1977 Ive been exposed to nearly all genres. One bass just was not enough. I own Zon, Alembic, Bee bass, Ed Romon, Fenders, Warwick, 4-6-8 stringers and 3 fretless, 15 total in all. Customs made to my specs and boutique bassess as well. In the early days just my fender pbass was plenty as its tone is still my go to when I need to make a tone statement. Having seen photos of the MGbass fretless I was drawn to its style and design. Now with one in my hands this is what I discovered.

The craftsmanship is second to none. This is a big deal. Not a flaw well balanced one soild cut of wood smooth great lines no blemishes. The craftsmanship alone is worth the price of admission. The photos don’t do it justice this instrument is really breath talking. The electronics are well layed out solid soldering joints and your choice of pickups. So the look, design and Craftsmenship and 5 stars. The instrument hangs properly well balanced very light. Now for the real test, playability.

I tuned it up in d flat with flatwounds into my tube markbass amp with 2×10. It sounds like a fretless indeed but creates different tones depending where you finger it and press down on the neck. Unique not predictable but true fretless growl. Smooth well setup fast. I decided to beat it up a bit with some slapping and hard fingering. The bass stayed in tune and teases you to play it faster lol. The fretlines are well placed easy to see and clearly defined. Very impressed and honestly worth twice the sale price.

Hold this instrument and you know a master luthier put some time and love into building and creating this bass. I am so impressed I have to get an identical one with frets to have double trouble. Hats off to maestro-luthier Maur’icio Costa thank you.

Jim Lewis
Session player in Los Angeles in the late 70s, played with or for David Fogelberg, Mac Tanner, Stevie Wonder, Warner bros.

Walter A Silva

For many years I’ve been looking for a bass guitar that can help me sound and feel like the way i wanted. i have tried many bass brands but nothing like MGbasses. The moment i saw one their instruments i knew it was a must buy. the wood options allowed me not only to sound the way i wanted but to also look the way i wanted too. their craftsmanship is very exotic, and the wood choices and designs makes it effortless to pick the right one for you. the sound quality is unique, they will work with you and suggest the best pickups for the type of wood you choose. you will feel it as if the instrument is opening the path to your very soul. MGBass it was what i needed, what i wanted, what i’m always going to be.

Walter A Silva

Doug Manning

I recently received my 5 string Desert Jazzman bass. The quality and workmanship is superb! Mauricio is to be commended. You can tell making these instruments is a labor of love for him. The action is low and it plays great!! I finally have that “sound/tone” I’ve always heard and wanted but was never able to get with my previous basses. I must admit I was very reluctant to buy a bass I had never played before. After watching many of the various videos posted online with some really good players playing their MG Bass, I finally decided to take the leap of faith and place my order. It just became clear to me that these folks were very happy with their instrument and that gave me the confidence to pull the trigger. I am so very happy I did! What an amazing instrument! Many thanks Mauricio!

Doug Manning

Greg Taylor

I am most excited for this well crafted beautiful instrument. I took it out for the first time and was thoroughly satisfied. Certainly an original!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Greg Taylor

Jared Loucks

I received my MG a little over two weeks ago, and absolutely love it. The craftsmanship and the blending of woods is 10/10. I chose bartolini pickups and preamp, and this bass has some of the sickest and fullest tone I’ve ever heard. Its a little heavy, but I expected that with a mahogany body, and it certainly doesn’t nose dive when I let go of the neck. It plays absolutely incredibly. Slap, tap, shred, walking, jazz. Doesn’t matter. It will handle it all. The fretboard! About a 1/4” thick! Not paper thin like Ibanez or Schecters. So much tone. Before I had placed my order, I had spoken to mauricio about what I had wanted, and I actually selected some wrong woods in my order form. But he made the bass just the way we talked about. Seriously, get one. I couldn’t recommend a better brand. I’ll take my MG over a modulus or a warwick any day of the week.

Jared Loucks
Bear Bao

Khalil Zedan Turjman

Mg bass was a good opportunity to me to costumize my dream bass, because of the variety of choices you got to choose that enables you to find your own sound and shape of bass, you choose the color, the number of strings, the kind of pick ups you comfort with, and all done by hand in a proffessional and awesome finish, the fretboard is smooth the sound is powerfull, its a great experience

Khalil Zedan Turjman
El Container

MG Bass takes everything associated

MG Bass takes everything associated with the Bass guitar to the next level. Craftsmanship is not spared by Luthier Mauricio Costa. He can create whatever your mind can think of and then some.

The attention to detail along with the use of some of the best material and electronics available allows him to produce some of the finest basses on the market. The final product is a well crafted, beautiful to look at, easy to play instrument that will produce hours upon hours of enjoyment with whatever genre of music you like.

In my opinion Mauricio’s instruments are at the top with the high level U.S. bass makers and can be had for a fraction of the cost. These basses will make you think “Welcome the bottom it is nice down here” The easy to play wicked looking fret board will also assist you with refining your chops!
“Though life seems to fly by it only comes one day at a time so treat yourself to a MG Bass and keep rockin, slappin, poppin funkin, and pluckin Bass brutha’s! “

Against the Grain - Baltimore's Classic / Modern Rock band

“A true work of ART!

“A true work of ART! I am left speechless with the amazing craftmanship, attention to detail, and love Mauricio put into making my Desert 5. The sound is just incredible! Thank you again mi hermano Mauricio!”

Agustin Barraza
Sound Street Band

Andy Irvine

“My New MG Dessert Custom 5 string bass just arrived, and it is a spectacular instrument, The hand crafting by Mauricio Costa is flawless, and our combined design concepts came together delightfully. The instrument fell under my fingers and into my hands perfectly. I was instantly at home with Nordstrand – Big Blade pickups and two band preamp. This is a collaboration instrument I’m very proud to have helped facilitate, and I look forward to helping grow the MG Brand. A Desert Custom 5 exactly like mine can be had for only $2500.00, which is astonishing considering the level of quality here. Others charge twice that for something very similar in terms of boutique 100{29e3a0befc6fc68f2a09cd51ffc8e0defd5d1a6a51bc7f0e6e56b312f43d4ebd} hand crafting and premium wood”

Desert custom 5 strings by Andy Irvine / pickup and preamp Nordstrand
Andy Irvine

Usama Allati

Mauricio Costa has built me the ultimate dream bass … my Oasis Custom Handmade 9 Strings is the only 9 Strings bass in the Middle East .. and I am so damn proud to be it’s owner … it satisfies my thirst for the detailed progressive music that I do as well as the other genres and I am loving it to the max

I am proud to be the first MGBASS endorser in the Middle East and will work hard to always deserve that honor

MGBASS has opened the door for me to get to know other bassists from different countries and it fills my heart with joy to build different friendships and collaborations with those remarkable bassists

Simply !!! MGBASS is the RIGHT PLACE if you are looking for your DREAM BASS ..

Usama Allati
MGBASS Endorser

Beit Sahour / Palestine

Usama Allati
Dave Kirreh Band / Zaid Hilal Band / Lamma Band / Samer Rashed Band / The Shepherds Gospel Band

Bernie Clifton

Created from my specs in collaboration with Mauricio, my bass’s beautiful and unique design and wonderful fretless sound make it a point of discussion at every gig.  I love my MG bass!

Bernie Clifton
New York- NY / US

Curtis Barkley

I truly believe God sent Mauricio my way and used him to build my dream bass! It is the best bass guitar I have ever had and sounds better than basses that cost a lot more! God Bless!

Curtis Barkley

Dean Johnson

Just to let you know, I’ve had your bass for several months now.  I own nearly a dozen, to include an Alembic Spyder (John Entwistle memorial bass, # 7 of 50 built).  I usually have rotated through the basses regularly, but ever since getting yours, the others have remained fairly idle!

I like the Deserts weight, it’s unusual body and fretboard and its EMG pickups and controls.  The neck is quite fast and feels good.

If there were any quibbles, it would have been cool to have another “third color” in the fretboard, but that’s all.

I LOVE it!

Dean Johnson
Sumter- SC / Us

Rui Tavares

I decided I deserved a playable work of art. So I chose MG Bass for all the reasons : Beauty and affordability. A few weeks later , I was very happy. Wish I had 1 more, is my level of satisfaction

Rui Tavares

Cara … seu trabalho eh LINDO DEMAIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Cara … seu trabalho eh LINDO DEMAIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlos Bruno

Muito bom mesmo o som

Muito bom mesmo o som desse baixo. Foi pra mim amor a primeira vista. Meu sonho é poder ter um baixo da MG. Estou lutando com todas as forças para adquirir um desert. Tinha um cort e vendi para juntar o dinheiro para comprar, porém, o valor ainda é muito alto, mas fé em Deus eu vou ter um instrumento tão lindo e tao perfeito. Parabéns a MG pela dedicação. Vocês realmente me impressionou com esse baixo. Que Deus abençoe a todos e com fé em Deus eu terei o meu MG desert.

Danilo da silva
Banda Samaria (Gospel)

Valeu grande Maurício, contrabaixo maravilhoso,

Valeu grande Maurício, contrabaixo maravilhoso, timbre excelente, muito bem feito, super recomendo, no mais só tenho a agradecer o seu trabalho!. Adquirir um Desert 6 cordas e tenho plena certeza que fiz um ótimo negossio. Abraço meu brother, e tenha certeza que tem um amigo aqui em Sergipe!

Leal neto