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Our Fellow Artists,

Welcome to the Family of MGbass Guitars !!!

We thank you at first, for approaching us and showing your sincere interest in MGbass Guitars, as we acknowledge and appreciate your will and interest in helping us to spread the MGbass Guitars name and brand all around the world and have our basses played in different studios, stages, and venues all around the globe !!!

MGbass Guitars cooperates, collaborates and works closely with all types musical institutions, musicians, bands, groups, and solo artists of different genres, as our basses are built to serve each and every genre that world music has. Moreover, and as we sign a lot of endorsements worldwide, MGbass Guitars has established firm regulations of what endorsement conditions it can give and offer to a musician during his/her first touch with the company.

Our Basses are all 100% custom handmade, but complex and labour-cost to build, as we hardly give free basses away due to the high costs of manufacturing. However, we are a brand that believes in cooperation to the last minute. We do our best to offer and give different discounts on all our basses, knowing that MGbass Guitars charges according to its official price list.

we offer different types of artist and endorsement discounts. Please !!! Don’t hesitate to fill in the application form below and send it to us for evaluation and revision, as will contact you back as soon as possible to let you know if you meet the MGbass Guitars requirements and, if so, what conditions and collaboration you can expect !!!

MGbass is the Right Place if you are Looking For Your Dream Bass !!!

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