Andy Irvine, raised in Webster NY started his bass playing journey in 1982. He began performing and touring professionally at age 18. He learned and developed his individual style under the wings of Rochester NY blues musicians. Throughout the 90’s he contributed his bass playing on 35 albums after relocating to Tampa Florida. Notable artists he has recorded with include Tiny Tim and GG Allen. He went on to devote himself to sharing the love of his craft via bass instruction videos and instrument demos, with more than 2500 published to date. His love of all things bass lead him to also presenting bass workshops and “Joyful Musicianship” lectures worldwide throughout 25 countries. He reside in the high Rocky Mountains of Colorado and continues to play 130 gigs annually with The Johnny O Band, Puddle Stomp and The Jelly Roll Bakers. He launched his successful social media platform Andy’s World Of Bass in 2016 which is sponsored and supported by 35 instrument, amplification and accessories brands. He authored the book “Passion and Action – A Musician’s Journey” and has published 4 self produced albums of his original music.