I have been an MGBass Endorser since for the past 3 years and been completely happy with the family of MGbass ! .. MGbass family is growing day by day and i am truly happy to be a family member that contributes to its success by bringing more and more bassists to join the family.

After receiving my MGBass Oasis Custom Handmade 9 strings bass.. i order a Desert Custom Handmade 7 strings bass that was exclusively made to my specs and i freaking love the bass.. the bass blows everybody’s mind once they hear its sound and see how beautiful it looks ! i thank my dear brother Mauricio for being so kind to make me that bass and have me in the family of MGbass.

i will keep doing my best to bring more bassists to the family as the world’s bassists deserve a high quality long lasting basses !! AND MGBASS IS THE RIGHT PLACE FOR THESE BASSES

Usama Allati
Music Exceeds Borders
Beit Sahour / Palestine