It is an honor and such a privilege to be an endorser for MGbassguitars. Mauricio Costa is an exceptional, generous, talented and kind-hearted individual. He was willing to give me a chance as an endorser and built me one of the most beautiful, boutique, best sounding basses I own. The bass is well-crafted and you can tell by the feel and sound that Mauricio pays attention to detail. What I love most about the bass is that it produces a modern sound, but you can shape the tone to fit any style of music. I also love that Mauricio makes the neck MUCH more comfortable to play and reach around the 24th fret mark. No other bass that I’ve played has that comfortable reach that high on the neck. I

I’m excited to promote this instrument and own more! Thank you for giving this up-and-coming bassist from Buffalo, NY his first endorsement deal and building a one of a kind AMAZING bass with everything I am looking for in a bass!

Alexander Braun
Buffalo, NY