MG Bass takes everything associated with the Bass guitar to the next level. Craftsmanship is not spared by Luthier Mauricio Costa. He can create whatever your mind can think of and then some.

The attention to detail along with the use of some of the best material and electronics available allows him to produce some of the finest basses on the market. The final product is a well crafted, beautiful to look at, easy to play instrument that will produce hours upon hours of enjoyment with whatever genre of music you like.

In my opinion Mauricio’s instruments are at the top with the high level U.S. bass makers and can be had for a fraction of the cost. These basses will make you think “Welcome the bottom it is nice down here” The easy to play wicked looking fret board will also assist you with refining your chops!
“Though life seems to fly by it only comes one day at a time so treat yourself to a MG Bass and keep rockin, slappin, poppin funkin, and pluckin Bass brutha’s! “